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Re: [microsound] On reasons music sales being down- from lawrencelessig blog

not exactly-
succesfull p2p is not a corporate entity but a
community thing

it existed before www even emerged-
irc channells,
you still can find anything on irc, anything at

on the other hand-
destruction of any and i literary mean any
fortune 10,000 or even 100,000 company

will yeald  a tremendous benefit for the society
and every one of us-
it will mean LESS of

other damages

and the above goes for ANY corporation of a big
or mid size because 100% of their business is
based and conducted 
IN VIOLATION of free market rules per say
not to mention other criminal or just immoral

and i am never a socialist, just the opposite))))

if we want any future for our "civilized world"
we should get rid of the corporate domination now

things like 9-11, corporate scandals, energy
schemeing will be happening on biger and bigger
scale and soon Western World will "decline" to
something pathetic and weak

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