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Re: [microsound] happy

thank you taylor!

taylor deupree wrote:

> hi list,
> i've been very pleased so far with the reaction to the early stages
> of my new label, Happy. but i would definitely like to clear up some
> confusion. first of all, there are a few people who are
> shocked/surprised by the nature of the label. but, would it really be
> necessary for me to start yet another "microsound" label? for one
> thing, i like to keep listeners on their toes, and not get too
> comfortable doing the same thing all the time (which is why i'm
> constantly trying to evolve the sound of 12k), but, more importantly,
> i started happy simply becuase this is a type of music i listen to
> all of the time, and it's really hard to find outside of japan... so
> i hope to be able to bring some of it to a wider audience.
> the decision to have the Piana cd be the first release was difficult
> for me. as you may have noticed, i made no announcement to the
> microsound list about the launch of label, simply because happy is
> *not* a microsound label. this is why i was unsure of having Piana as
> the first release due to the electronic and experimental nature of
> some of her textures (but please, check out the MP3 of the bonus
> track "bluebell"... decidedly NOT microsound...), as i didn't want
> people to think that Happy was trying to appeal to the
> microsounders.. because, frankly, it probably won't.
> i hope as time goes on, and releases come out (it will be small,
> maybe 2-3 releases per year) that the music will speak for itself and
> people will either like the label and follow it, or simply not pay
> attention. i plan very strongly to have very NON-electronic releases
> (think, Sugar Plant, or Cafa, for example)... and that one day
> discussion of this label on this mailing list will be hopefully be
> considered "off topic.". not becuase i don't respect the discussions
> on this list, but because my goal in starting a new label (which i
> can't believe i will find the time to do) is to make sure it is
> DIFFERENT from 12k and LINE.
> for those of you ready to be afraid that Happy will be too commercial
> for you.. well, it probably will be. but for me it's a way to address
> and work with an entirely different type of music that i like to
> listen to... and i can make no apologies or excuses for that! :)
> i hope some of you enjoy the releases... please be sure to jump to
> the website and get on our newsletter mailing list to stay updated.
> happy listening
> taylor
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