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Re: [microsound] happy

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well i quite like the what i've heard so far.

taylor deupree <taylor@xxxxxxx> wrote:
hi list,

i've been very pleased so far with the reaction to the early stages 
of my new label, Happy. but i would definitely like to clear up some 
confusion. first of all, there are a few people who are 
shocked/surprised by the nature of the label. but, would it really be 
necessary for me to start yet another "microsound" label? for one 
thing, i like to keep listeners on their toes, and not get too 
comfortable doing the same thing all the time (which is why i'm 
constantly trying to evolve the sound of 12k), but, more importantly, 
i started happy simply becuase this is a type of music i listen to 
all of the time, and it's really hard to find outside of japan... so 
i hope to be able to bring some of it to a wider audience.

the decision to have the Piana cd be the first release was difficult 
for me. as you may have noticed, i made no announcement to the 
microsound list about the launch of label, simply because happy is 
*not* a microsound label. this is why i was unsure of having Piana as 

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