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Fw: Re: [microsound] re: happy

Hello Taylor, Phillip and all. I "unintentionally" (or subconsciously?)
responded to Phillip's reply to my confessional reaction to the new
"Happy" label, offline to him alone. After doing this, I saw Taylor's
post. So, rather than waste bandwidth trying to repost my original reply,
I do want to waste some bandwidth to briefly set some things straight (I
can hear some of my friends laughing now....)																
1) I have nothing against J-pop.									
2) I have no "anxiety about Asian women in electronic music"!				
3) I have nothing against cartoons, being happy or being "cute". 
4) My critical comments were really in reference to the growing number of
"experimental" artists and labels who seem to be very absorbed in making
fashion statements. I referenced Mego and Happy because of the current
5) That's all.					
6) Send residual hate-mail to: dkl37@xxxxxxxxxxxx																			
All the best, Dale																							

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