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Re: [microsound] Art Brut

By "human control and influence" I understand
our "intellectual" language-based formatory
capabilities to order things around in a form that
pleases us most (which I think would be heavily
conditioned). This is a part of us I think is overrated.
I steer more towards somekind of "sensory" approach;
*experiencing* what is happening.

I just think that relinquishing some part of that intellectual
control - while still keeping some of it - has lots of
practical advantages. An example comes to mind (from
the world of literature): when William Burroughs made
his textual cut-ups with Brion Gysin, he was interested
in producing material by releasing conscious control
to random forces (which he termed "magical") and
then afterwards organizing that raw material with his
intellectual (and sometimes narrative) capabilities. I think
his exact words were (as far as I can remember):
"Write stoned. Edit straight." 8)

My approach would be close to that (when composing
that is - improvising I think would be "just" raw material -
and aesthetically equally valid in other context), but still not
really the same. Maybe more uncivilized.

And yes, you are right, maybe our ideas are opposite,
but the rest is the same - thats what really counts in my
opinion, not our concepts and models of the actual
process of doing.

Still, if you want, I would like to hear more of your thoughts
of brut as a meta-musical approach. I'm not really sure that
I understand what you mean by that.

Jussi Karsikas

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> juskars :
> it's interesting that you think of brut as relinquishing human control and
> influence where I think of it more as music about human music, almost like
> meta-music about people's creative attempts... these are almost total
> ideas but the rest is the same
> bill