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Re: Re: [microsound] re: happy

no, send all the hate mail to me.

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Subject: Fw: Re: [microsound] re: happy

> Hello Taylor, Phillip and all. I "unintentionally" (or subconsciously?)
> responded to Phillip's reply to my confessional reaction to the new
> "Happy" label, offline to him alone. After doing this, I saw Taylor's
> post. So, rather than waste bandwidth trying to repost my original reply,
> I do want to waste some bandwidth to briefly set some things straight (I
> can hear some of my friends laughing now....) 
> 1) I have nothing against J-pop. 
> 2) I have no "anxiety about Asian women in electronic music"! 
> 3) I have nothing against cartoons, being happy or being "cute". 
> 4) My critical comments were really in reference to the growing number of
> "experimental" artists and labels who seem to be very absorbed in making
> fashion statements. I referenced Mego and Happy because of the current
> thread.  
> 5) That's all. 
> 6) Send residual hate-mail to: dkl37@xxxxxxxxxxxx 
> All the best, Dale 
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