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[microsound] Hobart ::: Cluster & Uber_Lingua present LINGO (charged & Dubbed)

Cluster Collective and Uber_Lingua present

LINGO (charged & dubbed)

Over two nights: FRIDAY 17th and SATURDAY 18th September

Legendary Hobart crew the Cluster Collective, charged on diversity jump into
bed (metaphorically) with the Uber_Lingua crew to create one of the most
modern trans-cultural events to hit Tassie in a while...

Cluster are well known for their gigs that unify the various splinters of
the small but strong Hobart music scene. Cluster events have been known to
feature Punk Rock next to Electronic, Reggae, Hip-Hop and exotic Visuals...
Representing Cluster on the lineup is Gusto, an electronic music producer
who's also into Japanese mash-ups...

Uber_Lingua in an emerging entity that currently hosts a weekly club in the
inner city of Melbourne focussing on multi-lingual music and urban culture
from all over the world... "...there is so much Hip Hop, electronic music
and progressive folk and pop round now days in other languages, it
seemed obvious to tap it's potential and have some fun with it..." to quote
bP (Brendan Palmer) one of the resident DJs. Another uber-linguist is based
in Tassie; Moses 'sakamoiz' Iten... An expert on all things Swiss, Mexican,
Spanish speaking and German.

MashyP, a long time musical provocateur in the Sydney electronic music scene
and promoter of some of the most explosive underground events in Sydney in
the past decade, has taken a turn towards the bootleg mashup scene and
recently toured Qatar (near Saudi Arabia) getting a solid dose of Arabic
culture that, sure enough, filtered through into his music.

Direct from Sierra Leone, Alfred 'Creator' Caulker is a Hobart-based
bodybuilding rapper and performs in Mende, Creole, French and English. " I
start my singing career way back in Sierra Leone, in a district called
Bonthe... My sister used to say "if you want to take my food, you should
sing for me..." I believe that's the way my mouth's become so good on the

Fulfilling the lineup are Nitriya (Indian Rhythms/Hobart), DJ Squimal
(Mexico), Joseph Barrows (Hobart VJ), Zin (Myanmar), misty pocket
(Hobart), terraphonics (installations)

Friday's event will feature a far more pumped selection of tracks... those
wanting to dance or at least be spun out should check it out... Saturday
takes on a more café-bar chilled atmosphere, with lots more room for slower
paced tracks, dubbed out-ness and exotica. "The whole of Tassie wants a
lesson in DUB..." according to Cluster DJ Gusto.

full details at http://www.uberlingua.com

Demos of all sorts can be posted to
Uber_Lingua PO Box 2613 Fitzroy 3065 Australia

LINGO events sponsored by Hobart's edgeradio99.3FM

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