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Re: [microsound] live vs memorex

On Apr 7, 2005, at 9:54 PM, Kim Cascone wrote:

your logic seems to be as follows: 'the package didn't say someone could use ACID to play live' so it was not used in that manner...if this were the case then why did many artists perform live with Pro Tools, Sound Editor, GranuLab, Soundhack, etc. when laptop performances starting becoming more commonplace in the late 90's? these were also considered 'studio tools' and not 'live performance instruments' yet that didn't prevent people from using them in that manner...is Ableton's market penetration so deep because it says on the box that you can use Live for performing live?
I think the distinction between the two (i.e., 'live performance instrument' vs studio 'tool') is really a manipulation of perception or how a marketing dept spins a product...

Although I think this is definitely the case with some things, Live really _is_ different. I've done live performances with other software (mainly Digital Performer) and was intrigued by Live after using the demo and realizing that it could do lots of things that would be virtually impossible in other software, and very cumbersome in a live performance.

I would bet that most of the people who switched over to Live from other software did it not because of any statement on the packaging, but because it filled a need that wasn't being fulfilled by whatever they were currently using. Sure, I could continue to perform live with Digital Performer, but I couldn't do anywhere near what I can do with Live, and what I could do certainly would not be fluid, and the ability to improvise would be greatly limited. And this is not a matter of me not knowing DP and not being comfortable with it -- I've used it for 10 years and can fly on it in a studio setting -- it's a matter of Live being a really well-designed software that is geared towards live performance. And, as has been mentioned before, Live really comes close to being able to be played as an instrument -- far more than any other software I've ever used (aside from soft synths and samplers).

I think there are a lot more deserving targets than Live when it comes to questions of marketing hype.


Jonathan Hughes
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