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Re: [microsound] building blocks

Alex Young hat gesagt: // Alex Young wrote:

> I strongly disagree that people should break away from 'shrink wrap' 
> software.  People should be free to choose solutions that allow them to 
> achieve their goals, and be eclectic in their approach.  Suggesting the 
> 'right' way of doing something will lead to an Establishment-esque 
> mentality that sucks the fun out of everything.


People *are* free to choose the tool they want to use. OTOH a lot of
dollars are telling people to choose shrink wrap software, whereas not
only the development of free software (at least in the artistic
realm), but also the "marketing" is almost exclusivly done by
volunteers. No one is paying Derek or me for trying to promote free
software. Free software is far from being the establishment. Maybe it
is trying to fight the establishment (ho, ho, hippie talk...). At
least Free Software is trying to balance things out so users do have a
choice (of browser, operating system, etc.) again or for the first

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