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Re: [microsound] building blocks

On 7 Apr 2005, at 17:09, Kim Cascone wrote:
in each of these processes there are drives to bring a software application to market/audience and hence the process is subjected to 'noisy forces' that shape the tool...
of all of the different methods I am partial to the research model and FLOSS models because the tools designed are to be used for experimentation and are sometimes extensible thru being able to customize the code...

I've used open source software for a long time, and from my experience your assertion here is partially incorrect. Open source projects are created for many reasons, not just experimentation, and I've found they often suffer due to a lack of foresight and good management. Think: Debian, and currently the Linux Kernel (the BitKeeper fiasco).

Why do you feel you have to excuse yourself for using Max/MSP, which isn't open source? If you have a DVD player or mobile phone, I demand an apology for using closed-source software for those, too!

I strongly disagree that people should break away from 'shrink wrap' software. People should be free to choose solutions that allow them to achieve their goals, and be eclectic in their approach. Suggesting the 'right' way of doing something will lead to an Establishment-esque mentality that sucks the fun out of everything.

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