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Re: [microsound] emu e64 vs e6400

alright nick,

i have e64. old but ok. operating system 3 but try and
get newer one like 4. depends on what you want to do.
i run e64 into mac g3, recycle a bit unreliable but
peak fine to import/export samples. 

depends what you want to do. e6400 prob has better
memory, larger hard drive etc etc. 

you might wnat to think about a newer sampler thats
easier to use with pc/mac: some yamaha's have usb
connection i think, so therefore easier to access hard

i'd be interested to see what other people say tho',
as in some ways i've only scratched the surface of


--- Nick S <hasnoplur@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> hi all...new to the list...anyways, quick question
> for the emu heads here....what are the main
> differences between the e64 and e6400 samplers?
> ive been looking to get an emu for awhile, and now,
> it seems the price is finally right for me.

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