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Re: [microsound] outsider artists

There might be an interesting parallel between Wesley Willis' "broken" psyche and the "aesthetics of failure" notion.

Or maybe he's just another circus sideshow for us to gawk at until his novelty expires, at which point he's discarded. I know the only time I listen to Willis is when I'm exhibiting him for other people, always within the context of mockery and the "freak show" aesthetic. Without that fresh novelty, it's unlistenable. I'm not sure I'm ready to classify what Willis did as art, outside or otherwise. If he was as mentally ill as his music suggests, than I'm inclined to believe that the actions he undertook which resulted in his music might have all the artistic value of slicing oranges, or counting the threads in your bed-sheets. I'm not sure I see how it can be taken seriously in any context other than as an odd specimen.


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