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Re: [microsound] inside out

tasty radish wrote:

isn't this of positivist position or sophistry?

But that doesn't mean it doesn't have truth-content or
truth-value to it. In other words, there is a context
that from certain levels becomes simpler and/or more
complex, but nonetheless is a kind of public,
historical space. And so, we can receive, enjoy,
ponder, get excited by, examine, judge, determine the
degree to which something is "art", seeking out the
truth to it -- what we think, feel.


i agree completely: but i'm not sure we'll ever reach a definition on inside / outside by approaching the issue from the angle of truth content. a large part of the thread has hinged on whether x was ever on a tour bus / mentally ill / broke etc, none of which have much to do with truth content (as i understand the term).

i guess what i was getting at by quoting Wittgenstein was that the question of inside / outside and art / non-art don't really seem (to me) to have much significance in today's conceptual playing field.

the search for truth content is on the other hand the most compelling dimension of aesthetic thinking.


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