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[microsound] to continue beating a dead horse...

However, what I suspect is happening is that some people are simply
subscribed so they can promote on this list and never read the
content. This
means they would never have read the original notes on the change. In
cases (asuming they exist)
they do...

I have no problem with banning exactly because of
Kim´s earlier notes about some actions "adding to" the list and others
"taking from". I think that´s a good rule of thumb and I think those
are just taking from the list. Had that ballance actually worked I
been fine with the old setup; if you get -say- a mail that gets you
a week from some person then you are probably welcoming a chance to
see him
or download/buy his music to see how his thoughts influence his work.
exactly! and thanks Kas for his astute observation...the offenders are
not the n00bz who are just now sub'ing to this list...it's the people
who feel that the list only serves their needs and don't bother
contributing to it...this is not what the list was founded for...see

  "announcements regarding new releases, performances, tours, and so
  forth pertinent to the list's scope will be tolerated in brief, and
  subscribers whose contributions otherwise exceed postings of this
and thanks to Frank for posting the above text...it was written by the
founders in order to keep the potential of a self-promotional tsunami
in check...and I cannot find an example of announcement posting
offenders having contributed to this list in a way that achieves the
balance called for above...

I posted the following on March 14 2005:
rule of thumb: whenever I'm asked something like: 'I want to post
something about my new CD but I'm not sure if this sort of thing is
Kosher on the microsound list' -- I say this: it's like a bank, you
can only take out what you've already put in...so for those who
contribute philosophically/musically to the community and build an
account of good karma points (like /.) feel free to post an occasional
mention of a project or something...for those who don't contribute to
the microsound community and want to post an email about a concert, cd
or something they are doing in public, you may do so on the adjunct
announcements list which will be starting soon...
this clearly was not happening and why the 'microsound-announce' list
was created...

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