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[microsound] Re: outsider artists

it's art-speak that the art institutions (the whole
network of galleries and museums, blue chip and
otherwise), came up with to describe 'artists' who do
stuff outside of the system of getting mfa's,
galleries, museum group and/or solo shows, "emerging
artists" (which means that you haven't had a solo show
yet, btw, in institutional art-speak).  it was a whole
late 80's trendy, exciting scene to focus on "outsider
art". Darger is the best known, from that period.
There were many others championed. Like a guy who made
incredibly intricate images on bottle caps, while he
was in prison. Etc.   One of the main things that
these "outsider" artists often have in their work, is
a kind of personal, over-the-top, mystical
language/fantasy-world that lives in their works,
whether it be children in some weird world, or
whatever ...And not much knowledge or particularly
concerned/strong interest in developing what we call
fine art in a conciousness-thread, sense of public
space. In other words, art history in the traditional
sense (unlike say Duchamp, or Harry Smith, Partch,
Ives, etc.) doesn't have much to do with how to
receive the works, or how the artists conceptualize or
execute them, much at all. They are much more personal
then public in a way.  

Just offering a contextualized, brief-historical view
to what "outsider" art is. On a personal impression
note, I'de say outsider is work that has a strong
degree of personal fantasy and little concern with art
history/public "fine art". 


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