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Re: [microsound] ovalprocess - Average laptop geek?

On May 24, 2005, at 12:00 PM, bryan garcia wrote:

this is all very true, but the point being made about
preset founded music, is that it's lazy.  and boring.
this is something i think many people would like to
keep distanced from electronic  music, and mainly any
genre of music.   people are protective of their
insulated and particular music communites, and
rightfully so; when some jerk immitates a good sound,
and thinks he can be down with warp records or
kompakt, and the sentiment begins to feel like
something sacred is now being commodified and the jerk
making crap music is now making everyone look bad.
so you counter balance by demanding a higher concept
and craft from your peers in your music community.
this helps keep the radio hounds and record executives
from stealing something precious from you and your
friends, that you've worked hard to build.

down with announcents,


Sure its lazy, but again the same phenomenon can be found in any genre of music. Look at all the Blink 182 wannabee's, whatever their called, Blink 364 i suppose. Its a formula thats consumed by the masses. If thats what they like then great, but not all people do...

Again the recurent theme here is the individual artist/artist's. Its up to them to challenge themselves to inovate, not forumulate! Who cares about some slack ass who just got the new "Boards of Canada sounding synth plugin" Look through your own music collection and think to yourself why your still listening to a particular album/piece made years past? Why are new listeners still drawn to it so many years later? Does anyone even remember who Stevie B was, Rico Suave? Probably not, and with good reason... same can be said for the imitators in any genre of music, you need substance to stand the test of time IMO.


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