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Re: [microsound] ovalprocess - Average laptop geek?

On another note, what is with the fascination with presets(?), or more to the point, the process with which music is made on the computer? Why is it bad to use a Monolake preset that he tweaked for Absynth, or a Synth he created?

As a musician am i expected to educate my self to the point that Monolake has inregards to sound engineering and electrical engineering in general? Make my own synths and apps from scratch and what not?

Is it cheating to play my compositions using his synth preset as one of the instruments? Is it more "Ethical" to do so if i add some effects and what not? Does introducing a traditional instrument like a guitar make using the Preset more valid? Would it make the preset sound more interesting to you then? Also when i go to play my guitar, should i feel that i am slighting my self because i do not know how to make a guitar?

I do not see a difference between a preset and an instrument such as a guitar, tens of millions of people play the guitar, as they have since the instruments inception. Playing Styles come and go because we are all individuals , fortunately we all approach things differently. Shure if you use that handy dandy Boards of Canada sounding Synth patch/preset, and make some music that sounds like copy cat material, your not really broadening your horizons as an artist, that is said individuals problem tho.(great way to stagnate yourself creatively!) As has been stated these types of guys are going to exhist in every genre, then they fade away no harm done. (Remember, someone is enjoying there work and then we get into a whole philosphical debate about objective opinions and the like...)

Then there is the culture of the tweak freaks who give out high regards to some of the sound engineers out there resposible for some classic synths, new and old. These guys dont spend countless of hours perfecting there presets just so you can erase them when you get your grubby hands on them.

Its an art form of sorts. Aphex is a big proponent of presets, inregards to his classic synth collection. Most Computer/hardware musicians have soft spots for there favorite synth, because of how they sound.

I just find it interesting that so many people in the Computer music world, wether it be Glicth/Microunds/Idm what ever, are so nuerotic about the process with wich the music was made. This has never interested me outside of experimental music/micros sound, and even there its more the thought process inregards to the work that interest's me, not the process itself.

The predominant factor in music for me is how it sounds, period. Wether its uber complex Flamenco guitar, Aphex ambient works, or Cephalic Carnage, its about the sound and what i get out of it, i could care less whether they made the album by sampling a years worth of bowel movements(Ok actually thats not all together the truth but i think you get my point!)


On May 24, 2005, at 12:00 PM, bryan garcia wrote:

this is all very true, but the point being made about
preset founded music, is that it's lazy.  and boring.
this is something i think many people would like to
keep distanced from electronic  music, and mainly any
genre of music.   people are protective of their
insulated and particular music communites, and
rightfully so; when some jerk immitates a good sound,
and thinks he can be down with warp records or
kompakt, and the sentiment begins to feel like
something sacred is now being commodified and the jerk
making crap music is now making everyone look bad.
so you counter balance by demanding a higher concept
and craft from your peers in your music community.
this helps keep the radio hounds and record executives
from stealing something precious from you and your
friends, that you've worked hard to build.

down with announcents,


--- aleks vasic <bvasic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On May 23, 2005, at 3:05 PM, tm wrote:

""""as for the "Average laptop geek? " ...sure you
will agree that,
like there are one too many records made with
drummachines and a
tb-303, there are too many records made with

No i absolutley dont agree. The same can be said
about traditional
instruments. Too much music is being made with
them. Its all so
passe. How old is the piano? Violin? Guitar?
And people are still
arranging music with them? How vain!

""""- the point here is that like the example wih
some synched up
drummachines and synths, its very easy to create
something that sounds
ok/cool - same with computers, but very few
explores beyond the
interface presets resulting in assembly line
beginning to sound like Popp himself here..better
but I mean what im saying."""""

Its easy to do so with any musical medium wether
it be traditional or
not. Again its up to the artist to "create" a
work that can captivate
an audience, or garner appreciation. I dont see
the difference
between all the crap on main stream radio and the
crap in IDM and
Micro sound. Just because computer related
gernres have become more
popular then in the past and is expereinceing
what traditional
musical genres have since its inception, does not
make it less valid
of a musical genre. If anything it more so
vaildates it because it is
following in the same footsteps as every other
genre that came before

Underground = cool/artsy/hip/smart. Popular = not

Regardless of how convoluted "any" gerne gets you
can still find great
music being made by alot of people. I think its
one of the
funnest/most rewarding aspects of being into
music, finding
music/works that touch you for what ever reason,
material that you
feel passionate about.


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