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[microsound] [ot] transferable skills


When the recent ableton/PD debate came up, someone mentioned how learning things like Max forces you to think in a way that can be applied to many different areas. This may come as a strange question but I am interested to know what other people on this list are doing with their lives? I am about to leave university with a sound arts degree and I'm totally clueless as to what I am going to do with the rest of my life. I have learnt so much since I started uni about sound theory, music, programming, software but I feel as though these skills are fairly useless in the "real world". I can make some killer generative MSP patches but really, do these kind of skills have any real value other than just to make bleep making tools to put on your site along with your bleep mp3s for other bleep makers to criticise?

So I was just intrigued to hear of what others are doing? Do you apply your knowledge and skill as an experimental musician to any other areas of life? Are any of you fortunate enough to be making a living from your art? Does anyone feel as though they have benefited from studying these kinds of subjects or do feel as though you should have studied law and made experimental music in your spare time?

Sorry if this post sounds negative, it's not intended to be, just intrigued,



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