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Re: [microsound] Mac sequencing programs

On 4 May 2005, at 10:10, microsound-digest-help@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

There is no real fruity loops equivalent on the Mac, except for
programs which make it part of their overall design. Reason is exactly
this, I recommend it to anyone who is beginning to get into music
production who doesn't have a basic knowledge of some basic concepts.
Tools like Reason are wonderful for their educational value.

Hi everyone, my first post to this list :-)

I've moved to Mac and also miss FruityLoops. I've not found anything with such a sophisticated drum loop programmer. The essential feature I miss is the grid layout, it's so much clearer and more powerful than those in Logic and Reason.

Does anyone know of other apps that provide a grid like FLs? Has anyone tried running Fl on a Mac through VirtualPC?


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