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Re: [microsound] RE: Are all electronic music related writers bad writers?

I guess things are different for me because often I'm buying records 
that I might utilize as a DJ, as opposed to just for home listening. In 
this case, I have limited time and money, and also am limited by the 
format of the record. On top of that, there is a lot of pure GARBAGE, 
which I'd rather not waste my time sorting through if I can help it. 
Therefore, if I can get some solid and somewhat objective information on 
what to expect in a particular record, this is very helpful. Somebody's 
subjective ramblings, on the other hand, are really worthless to me, 
from this point of view, though they might be interesting from a 
different perspective.

Anyway, I bet one of the real reasons reviewers are obsolete is that 
many people use the "try before you buy" method, either through illegal 
mp3's, audio previews at online sites, or by listening to the record at 
the store. Your ears can tell you far more than any reviewer. However, 
it still the case that there is just TOO MUCH music out there to ever 
listen to, so getting a few clues from a reviewer about artists and 
labels that might be interesting for someone with your tastes can be 
quite helpful as far as I'm concerned.


Matt Davignon wrote:

>Adam Young <adam_young@xxxxxxxxx> done wrote: 
>>it goes on for a
>>paragraph of 2  
>>describing the album/piece/tracks in a manner like
>>this "So and So's  
>>Super Album is an experience similar to riding a
>>train in heaven with  
>>seats made of purple tigers ...
>I personally love reading that stuff - if they wrote
>about us in strictly concrete terms, we'd all sound so
>similar on paper that readers would probably not be
>interested in more than a couple cds of "experimental
>electronic music". Usually those give me a much better
>idea of what to expect from the music than a more 'by
>the numbers' review. The best ones combine the
>imaginitive writing with some technical information
>about how the cd was made (instrumentation, processes,
>>Mighty Techdub Lightnings
>>What does THAT mean? 
>Haha, to my experience, self-assigned tags like that
>are used almost exclusively for out-of-date techno
>(drum n bass or something), where the well-known genre
>name is something that was getting old back in 1998. 
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