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[microsound] Cirlinca Launches $35 DVD-Audio Authoring

Thought swome might be interested.....



Cirlinca Launches $35 DVD-Audio Authoring for Consumers

Cirlinca has announced DVD-Audio Solo, a $35 DVD-Audio authoring application
for the PC. The move sees the innovative software developer introduce a
DVD-Audio creation package at a consumer-friendly price.

 With DVD-Audio Solo, burning a DVD-Audio disc can be as easy as five clicks
­ explore for audio files, drag and drop, click to burn. Anticipating most
users¹ needs, DVD-Audio Solo can import audio tracks not only from PC disk
files but also from the built-in sound card recording or CD extractor. Savvy
users will also appreciate the pro-quality upsampling, the multi-channel
import capabilities up to six channels, the still video support and the
high-resolution sampling rates up to 196kHz 24-bits. But beyond the advanced
yet unobtrusive technology, audiophiles and neophytes alike find the
remarkable quality and presence of high-resolution multi-channel audio
highly compelling.

 Essential DVD-Audio Solo Features:
    €     Import .WAV and .AIF mono or multi-channel audio files to build
    €     Users can associate a unique still video to each track. For
example to create a music slide show.
    €     Built-in extraction of CD tracks and pro-quality upsampling.
    €     Built-in audio player to preview the tracks before burning.
    €     Built-in recording facility to record from external analog sources
like LP turntable at high resolution.
    €     Integrated DVD writing engine to write directly to DVD disc
without the need for an external writing software.
    €     Choice of application skins.
    €     Support 1 to 9 groups, 1 to 99 tracks per group, for a maximum
total track count of 314.
    €     Sampling frequencies of audio sources for import, playback and
record: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz and 192kHz, in 16-bit or
24-bit sample size.
    €     Write to DVD+/-R/W and DVD+R DL (Double Layer) discs.

 About DVD-Audio:

 DVD-Audio is the high-resolution audio companion standard of the ubiquitous
DVD-Video standard published by the DVD Forum. Using inexpensive DVD writers
and writable DVD discs, users can burn discs with DVD-Audio Solo that play
on DVD-Audio capable players and car systems.

 About Cirlinca, Inc:

 Headquartered in San Francisco, Calif., Cirlinca Inc. develops multimedia
consumer software with a focus on bridging legacy and new generation media.

 For more information about DVD-Audio Solo, including a downloadable trial
version, visit the Cirlinca web site (link below) and watch out for a review
of the software here on High Fidelity Review very soon!


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