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[microsound] Shockfront Recording

Dear Microsounders,

For a hit of macrosound energy before it scrolls please feel free to check 
out my audio capture of yesterday's solar flare shockfront. This X18 plus 
magnitude event was one of the largest solar flares in recorded history.

I captured this specimen on my homebrewed stereo radiotelescope array made 
out of modified shortwave radios and dipole antennas which feed into chart 
recorders and simultaneously into a Panasonic stereo VCR that I use as an 
audio recorder. I don't know if anyone else ever uses VCRs as audio 
recorders but they're very nice for 8 and 10 hour long recordings.

Use stereo headphones for best effect; the file plays 22.2 MHz in one ear, 
and 22.7 MHz in the other.   The plasma oscillations kick in about one 
minute into the three minute soundfile.

Trippable if played at moderate to loud volume.


Thomas Ashcraft