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Re: [microsound] New Orleans?

graham miller wrote:

either way, there'd be a hell of a lot more money and personnel to save
these unfortunate people - the true role of a responsible government - if
it weren't for an certain illegal oil war in the mideast and a government
that has historically seemed to ignore the plights of its own people in
favour of a misguided drive toward global imperialism.

Yes, but are the people who lost houses and lives realy the ones that are to blame and deserve punishment? Excatly who's karma are we talking about? If you'd say it's karma when the organisational messup backfires on Bush personally then I'll agree but that's not what I'm getting from you message.

the great balancing equation that is the universe...  now where did i put
that popcorn?

How do you think this sounds to me in the context of one of the N.O. members of a board I run still being missing? And how do you suppose this will look to N.O. list members that may read their mail in a few days or weeks once they get back online?

What believes you hold in private is interly up to you but I think some of these phrases might be increadibly hurtfull to some people that may read them now or later. Chances are the people reading this list won't be the people responcible for the election of mr. Bush....

Kissed wrote:



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