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[microsound] How long should a "digital" album be

This is probably an old debate...

I notice that when I'm working on a project it always seems to be complete when I've about 60 mins of material. This is obviously conforming to an "album" length based on the storage space on a CD. But the distribution and consumption of music now seems to be more "digital" based. For example, on my MP3 player I have say 40% of one album, 70% of another and a few things I've downloaded. Also as more material becomes available on a track by track basis, the 60 minute album seem more like a convention based on an old medium. What should be the "natural" length of a project, do you think? Will we move to a scenario where projects have their own duration depending on the individual ( maybe several minutes, maybe several hours). Or is 60 minutes or so ingrained in our consciousness as the "right" length?


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