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Re: [microsound] projects for microsound

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I previously proposed a microsound project to the list ( Symbiont ) to be a possible counterpart to the Parasites Rework Project. But due to happy and unforeseen circumstances I have to withdraw the invitation.

I really hope there will be future microsound projects so that I can have something interesting to listen to and think about! Those older projects at microsound.org are generally very good entrainments of energy.

Best wishes to all in your creative endeavors and I hope to experience your work in the future somewhere on the internet.
Thomas A

Kim Cascone wrote:
Thomas Ashcraft recently posted a project proposal to the list which I mistook for a private project announcement - so I'm publicly apologizing and requesting that Thomas repost his project proposal to this list so we can hopefully get a new microsound project started...

we have a new microsound project server just sitting there waiting for something to happen -- so let's get to it!

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