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[microsound] microsound Digest 20 Aug 2006 15:35:10 -0000 Issue 1665

Subject: Re: [microsound] audio-to-midi converters

Thanks Nick. Much of the stuff that I'm looking at
is earlier work on DAT that is polyphonic and has
some microtone considerations. Wanting to get a
reasonable representation into score form.

While the act of transcription requires attention, action, and some skill, there's no substitute - particularly as you approach any source that's microtonal and polyphonic [either one is problematic on its own. Together? whoa.], and the difficulties increase with orders of magnitude as you add multiple instruments or instruments with spectral profiles that are anything short of non-unusual.

For some basic background as to *why* this
might be problematic, there's always the oldschool
"analog" reading thing.

http://scitation.aip.org/getabs/servlet/GetabsServlet? prog=normal&id=JASMAN000118000003001948000007&idtype=cvips&gifs=yes

Given the issues outlined in the paper here, it'd not
be too surprising that some of the more robust stuff
would involve single instrument work. You might want
to have a look at the AES stuff online. I seem to recall
some papers from a session on analysis and modelling
a few years back - some interesting and reasonable
piano results.

This probably isn't the answer you wanted, but you're
asking for something that's um... a bit ambitious.

Monophonic sources [particularly without wonky
attack transient segments] in 12tET? Probably
pretty doable in hardware and software [especially
if you're willing to do the type of OCR people had to
do many years ago - sweep once, spell check forever]
with stuff that will either be inexpensive or easily
available. That old recording of Gendhing Sri Kraton
you made on holiday in Surakarta? You'll pay big
money for that one.

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