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[microsound] Greenpeace and apple?....What about you!

Every single person who lives in the developed west has in some way, shape, or form, (inadvertently) supported warfare, genocide, political destabilization, human rights abuses, gentrification, and environmental destruction.

If you have a bank account...a mortgage...a car payment...credit cards...pay taxes...buy produce in you local food store...buy beer...buy smokes...go to sporting events...rent an apartment...own a computer...buy CD?s...purchase books...use paper... All of us pay into the (sometime) unethical and (sometimes) criminal activities of the multi-national corporation and international banking systems. Don?t worry about IBM and Greenpeace. Try to remove yourself from the hypocrisy. Its much harder than you think.

If you feel your not a part of a destructive system let me know how you do it...
Id like to join you on your planet.

assassination not hibernation.

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