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Re: [microsound] Greenpeace and apple

sexual abuse of animals? really?
  aleks....i suspect you and i are in the presence of a 
wind-up artist. 
  if thats not the case -- neil, i really dont see what 
purpose slamming the greenpeace campaign serves. if you dont 
like it, dont participate, if greenpeace doesnt live up to 
your standards and goals (still unclear as to what those are 
exactly) move to the vanguard and do better,  but really, 
your invective-filled non-critique (greenpeace isnt perfect 
so they should close up shop and go away???) is baffling 
and doesnt offer anything but vitriol.
  i still think the greenpeace campaign is nicely done... i 
wouldnt mind a microsound project in support by individuals 
so inclined, im not really a sound artist but rather 
video...if anyone feels a video portion would add to thier 
soundwork...drop a line.

Neil Wiernik <neil@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:  
my point is that you argue things in excess, you fight other peoples 
battels for them and more over just like to hear your voice speak and for 
what NO REASON that I can see!!! jesus!!!!!!

regarding your short sighted comment about ibm is that your sitting here 
and dissing apple when 99.9999999999999999 percent of all things produced 
for consumer wants/needs are opressing someone some where so like I said 
put a sock in it, no one really wants to hear your whining its a known 
fact that we all know adn live with... if you want to be perfect go live 
in a cave in the mountains and eat dirt and run around naked but even tehn 
youll opress come thing like the tiny bugs and bacteria youll kill when 
eating the dirt and the grass youll sept on running around naked
not to mention the sexual abuse youll enforce on the poor animals as they 
are forced to watch you running naked through the mountains ... thats just 
terrable I think we should censor every thing as evil as its the only way 
we can live clean no opressive lives!!!
(if you take this reply as serious dont even bother)

"The man from Afghanistan has made some significant changes to the RV."
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