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Re: [microsound] an interesting monolake answer

Hmm.. well I can say from experience that including visuals in no way
insures that people will sense what you sensed as an artist. 

Personally I'm interested in finding out how people experience it

But I think you can use the visuals to communicate ideas that support
the music that might be difficult to convey with sublety and clarity
with just sounds.

In regards to software interfaces.. there are many and no single one
will work best for all. The tools in this case have influenced or even
made possible new styles and genres of music... especially electronic

I can't agree that visuals in either case are inherently evil.. if so
then more people should be gouging their eyes out in protest. ;-)


--- Damian Stewart <damian@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> We live in a primarily visual culture. Or we believe we do..
> Personally I'm a sound->vision/touch synaesthete and I want other
> people 
> to sense what I sense when I hear things.. that's my interest in
> putting 
> visuals to my music. Not that I've actually done any visuals or
> anything 
> like that yet.

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