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RE: [microsound] an interesting monolake answer

//*From: David Powers [mailto:cyborgk@xxxxxxxxx]
//*Another example (again not from the digital domain):
//*Every music school has their students in, say, the jazz program, who
//*learn a bunch of scales off a page but can't seem to ever use their
//*ears and put those patterns together in a musical way. But John
//*Coltrane was known to practice extensively from Slominzky's Thesaurus
//*of Scales (which is simply an abstract representation of basic musical
//*building blocks), and I think everyone would agree this only enhanced
//*his ability to improvise.

in jazz/usually/it's required the players have a firm grounding in scales,
keys, chord progressions , transposition etc. as a basis for coherent
soloing/interplay...as it is required that the players have a grounding in
the standard jazz repertoire, an appreciation/understanding of what has come
before them in terms of playing/tonal colourations/phrasing...this generally
holds whether the player is involved in traditional, swing, cool, modal or
the wildest fringes of the free music scene..................

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