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RE: [microsound] popcorn

> I have difficulty reconciling this sentence:
>> I sincerely hope that U.S. citizens start taking copyright 
>> and patent laws and restrictions more seriously.
> with this one:
>> It's great to see more creativity coming from the YouTube 
>> community than from NBC/ABC/CBS.
> A lot of the creativity coming out of YouTube (the genuine 
> creativity, not just recording stuff directly from TV) is 
> based on a blatant disregard for copyright laws. Mashups? 
> ScrambledHackz?

Hmmm...I guess I have a different experience with YouTube. I'm well aware of
the copyright infringement on YouTube, but I'm far more entertained by the
indy music videos, animation, student films, web camera follies, home
videos, YouTube performances (LonelyGirl15), etc., rather than what I missed
on Jon Stewart or SNL. Much of the top-rated and top-favorites listed on
YouTube are certainly individually/independently produced. For example,
www.bestofyoutube.com/ looks like at least half of the videos are produced
independentaly or grabbed off of some home/unpublished video recording.

One could also argue that Mashups are not created in ignorance of copyright,
but are a political activity challenging copyright. There may be those
creators not aware of or blatantely disregarding copyright laws. This does
not make the act of taking copyrighted material and creating something new
from it or commenting on it through reappropriation non-political.
Disregarding a law could be considered a protest against it (civil

"Taking it seriously" is another issue entirely. This would involve
*actively* challenging current opinions regarding copyright law and not
voting for those who support and vote for copyright continuums and draconian
laws like the individual-restrictive, industry-favorable DMCA.
Christopher Sorg
New Media Artist and Instructor
Communication Department
Loyola University Chicago

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