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Re: [microsound] popcorn

Ha, nice! Your popcorn respone mail got me to think what would happen if some copyright holders just reversed it. The copyright holders... for instance some famous music makers could release some music that should only be permitted to view, listened to, downloaded, copied and shared privately. If any commercial use is suspected, like airing on a commercial radio station or tv channel, copyright infringements would be obvious and some compensation to the copyright holder for the "damage" should be necessary. The mass media should also be invited to cover this happening.
Guess this scenario only could happen with a "big" artist with some considerable amount of so called fame. A great sense of humour and integrity would help also. Also probably would be needed some risk money to make an experiment like this come true.

Hmm... just thinking aloud...

Could this happen? Has it happened already somewhere?

/Björn Eriksson - Sweden

I sincerely hope that U.S. citizens start taking copyright and patent laws
and restrictions more seriously. We are no longer living in a one-way media
dominion. Microsound was a "consumer as author" bellwether. The more
two-way, open-source, Creative Commons initiatives, the better. It's great
to see more creativity coming from the YouTube community than from
Christopher Sorg

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