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Re: [microsound] popcorn

msglists@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

"Taking it seriously" is another issue entirely. This would involve
*actively* challenging current opinions regarding copyright law and not
voting for those who support and vote for copyright continuums and draconian
laws like the individual-restrictive, industry-favorable DMCA.

I suspected that's what you meant, I just thought I'd play up the other angle ;-)

I have built an instrument in Pure Data that is basically a live-sampling mellotron: it takes an audio feed, partitions based on perceived pitch, and maps it to a 12-semitone scale which I can then play using a MIDI controller keyboard.

I intend to perform by plugging this instrument in to the radio waves, using it as a base for building looped improvisations. The radio is both a good way of getting fresh and unexpected audio data, rather than just relying on prerecorded samples, but also demonstrates virtuosity, one quality that is often perceived to be missing from laptop performance.

Question is, how does something like this fall under present copyright law?

Damian Stewart
+64 27 305 4107

f r e y
live music with machines

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