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Re: [microsound] Image to Sound Converters

On Fri, 21 Sep 2007, Bill Jarboe wrote:

Hey Boris,
There are many different ways to convert image to sound. Sometimes effective is simply opening the file in soundhack, amadeus or audacity. You might also like opening a sound in photoshop and subtly changing details in the image then saving the result and listening through an audio editor.

                                                    -hope this is helping.


I tried this, but I am having difficulty stretching the length of the sound of the picture: audacity's Change Tempo does not seem to work well with tracks that show as .008 (eight thousandths) of a second. I am managing some results by slowing the sample using an Electrix Repeater, but if you or anyone else has further advice not yet shared on this thread about either lengthening very short audio samples of picture > audio conversion on Mac OS X I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Steve B

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