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Re: [microsound] I smell a new microsound project...?

and submit it to the blog contest, of course

Kim Cascone <kim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:  > ?Hi Randy, after some internal discussion, here?s our 
> preliminary list.
> 1) Intermittent glitching (?mech, intermit?) done in a way 
> that?s more random sounding vs periodic.
> 2) Bit-resample, such that there is audible artifacting (sounds 
> like a bad mp3 encode).
> 3) shifting channels (sounds like a speaker cut out). Again, 
> the goal should be to sound somewhat random.
> 4) Laugh-track, at a respectable volume level.
> 5) Saw-tooth volume, so long as the volume goes to (or close 
> to) zero, so that the track can?t be fixed by an inverse saw increase.
> 6) Beep, at a high volume
> In the future, you might do experiments with static noise 
> overlays (sounds like faulty recording equipment), voice over 
> (public domain audio), and overlapping songs.
> You probably don?t want to apply any effect for the first 30-60 
> seconds, so the user thinks they got a good track. We should take 
> some care to ensure that when there is intermittent effects they 
> happen in the same places so that it?s not possible to take the 
> good portions of one version and splice them with the good portions 
> of another version to get a complete (and perfect) third version.?

how about a project where we take material and rework it according to 
the MediaDefender?s recipe?

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