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[microsound] small help requested

Having been a long time reader of the microsound list, I believe this marks
my first message, and it is a request. I am part of a small band of people,
who are in the process of arranging a festival of experimental music in
Luton, which is currently a hideous cultural wasteland. We're hoping (and it
all depends on our funding application) to put on a series of concerts,
workshops and a one day event to showcase various forms of unusual music
running from Feb to Apr next year.
On the 3rd of March, we're aiming to have a workshop on computer based
music, though what this will entail is largely unknown/up for debate at
present. What I/we're wondering is if there is anyone on the list, who can
make it to Luton  on this date, who would be interested in giving a small
talk and performance. At present we've found a lot of people who want to do
the performance, but not anyone who wants to talk to the public about it
first. We'd appreciate
any assistance you guys can give. Fees can be paid also, though it's
probably best to discuss that off-list.
If anyone is interested or wants to know more, please contact me.