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Re: [microsound] tinnitus?

Christoph Marek skrev:

Has anyone of you ever suffered from tinnitus? If yes, what's your strategy to conquer it?
I'm a musician in various experimental fields (also djing) and got tinnitus from a concert a few years back. it got slightly better, but as a musician, composer and performer you got certain noise levels you just cannot avoid. I am wearing specially configured ear plugs when playing live and going out though. If I'm in a totally noise- and sound-free room (imagine a totally closed toilet or sth.) I can clearly hear a sound - like some far away white noise - in my ears. I just cannot remember how it was before I got tinnitus or whether it's normal to hear at least sth. I mean what's normal hearing anyway? I think that most long time musicians hear some kind of extra noise produced by their ears/brain. I imagine hearing music without this extra must be much more powerful. Sometimes when I am not exposed to music for a week when I am back playing and listening the sounds are much more intense. just like after a diet or sth. Unfortunately I started goin to gigs when I was very young and back then I was quite careless, no earplugs, standin in the front rows etc.

thanks and kind regards,


Hi Christoph

From headaches I learned, that focusing on the pain and meditating on the origin of the pain, can make it go away. Learn that and do it every time your emotion tells you to do it. This is a very old technique and helps for many kinds of pains. This sound is from you, I think one has to confirm it to make it go away. So dont try to fight it make it your friend.

BTW many people can hear their blod flowing, could be that sound of white noise you're hearing.

good health


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