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Re: [microsound] Tinnitus

can you put a price on your hearing?

if it makes you feel better, look at the astronomical costs of sunglasses and prescription eyewear...

people seem to have no problem dropping that kind of cash to protect their eyes... how are ears any different?


On Sep 27, 2007, at 6:54 AM, Manannan Mac Lir wrote:

I'm havin the same problem, Poured some water from the shower in my ears on monday and now every time I swallow I get that clickin thing. Lookin into gettin some good earplugs, 250 euros is the price i've found but I
figure I'll need em, been havin trouble at every gig I been at even
completely acoustic ones, anyone knows a reasonable peice 4 earplugs
lemme know if 250 too big, listenin to David Torn's new album Prezens,
been likinit a lot

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