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Re: [microsound] renoise

I'm not sure of what I meant either!!! The fact is my music is now far more ambient than before, but i still use the same tools, sequencers, sound editors and so on. I don't play any sequence anymore, but i use sequences to control effects, for example... I first thought a tracker was a very basic version of a sequencer, but it seems i was wrong and that a sequencer has its own and personal abilities, so i feel interested in it...


le 11/18/07 9:31 PM:
I'm not sure to what particular ambient type you make reference to. The most
"over-used" or classic type of change is the chiptune-like arp/thrills where
you modify really fast the pitch of the sound so that although you are on a
monophonic channel, it feels like a chord. What you can control depends on
the tracker's engine and there again it depends on what you are using..;
think of it like a CC implementation for synth. Tracker used to run on very
limited hardware.. running usually 4 to 8 monophonic tracks and limited
memory so all kind of tricks where used to make feel like there was a lot
more :)

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