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[microsound] Fwd: performers: WARPER invite / flyer --- 12/12/2007 Brooklyn, NY

Hello list friends,

Below is an event that features live electronic music performances in
Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NY), this coming Wednesday, December 12, 2007.
 While largely revolving around Ableton Live, many will bring analog
gear and other twiddly-thingers (even drum kits, bass, and guitar!).

I will be performing material from my album, Early Collected Works,
unreleased material for 2008, Detroit classics, and modern cuts and

All present in the New York region should consider checking this out,
as there's a lot of different artists exploring a lot of different
paths in electronic music and utilizing some very diverse


Michael Kuszynski
New York, NY

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Subject: performers: WARPER invite / flyer

hi fabulous artists, last warper was great, this next one looks like
its going to raise the roof, we have the most artists EVER, lots of
lead time for publicity, and a video crew from a very hip german TV
show coming to shoot.

we've got a super event to pitch and i want to ask all of you to put
the word out, by far our best publicity is word of mouth to our
friends!  if each of us got just 3 - 5  people to come by, we could
double the turnout from last month, i want to play to a crowd, how
about you??

attached is the flyer, below is the invite with embedded links, please
hit your email lists / post on bbs / chat groups / myspace / your web
page / forward to students / user groups etc.., email reminders the
day before or day of the party is very helpful too, THANKS!!


Dj Shakey and Moldover present
 the monthly party:

WARPER - 2yr. Anniversary Blowout!..

Two Rooms of Omnidigital DJs, Biomorphic Musicians, and Multimedian Madness

WEDS. 12/12

Hey everybody, this is going to be a biggie, we have over 20 musical
acts, a record release party, clothing designers, art installations,
and visuals...all in one night in the HUGE Supreme Trading space in
Williamsburg Brooklyn. Dress your ubertekkafreakelastic best!

Oh...and there will be a television crew documenting it all for the tv
show "Tracks" on the german ARTE network. You can see one of their
shows on dubstep HERE ..they are very cool.

WEDNESDAY, Dec. 12th
Supreme Trading
213 N. 8th st, (btw. Driggs and Roebling)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211
(L train to Bedford stop, then two blocks)

Featured Performance -
The Vacationist Presents:
Gregory Shiff "The Trapeze Artist & The Tightrope Walker" (Part 1 of 4)

Live Music from 8pm sharp
20+ electronic performers
Projected Images, Workshops, fashion, and Interactive Art too
FREE 21+

Last Warper's photos HERE.


08:00 Patrick T-odd
08:40 Max Xiantu
09:10 DJ HeavyFlow
09:50 Kristina SuperGenius
10:20 OutHouse
10:50 Pushtobreak
11:20 Aerostatic
11:50 DJ Shakey
12:30 Michael Kuszynski
01:00 Atom


08:30 Plume
09:00 Sam Pluta
09:30 Elijah B Torn
10:15 Moldover
11:00 Featured Perfomer: Gregory Shiff - The Vacationist
12:00 Thomas Hildebrand
12:30 Lance Blisters
01:00 BangInclude


09:00 Sam Pluta (Audio+Visual)
09:30 Elijah B Torn (Audio+Light Show)
10:15 Daniel Hai
11:00 SuperDraw
12:30 Lance Blisters (Audio+Visual)
01:00 Sandrine


 Installation: The Dream Machine by Sandrine
"Industrial Dress" by B & B Designs (Bechtol & Boyd)

Michael Kuszynski
New York, NY

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