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Re: [microsound] how to create 5.1

You could try pd or max/msp or supercollider but it's not so easy.... You will have to program them and I don' t think you should in order to do sth that simple..

I don' t know... maybe wavelab? or maybe audacity? but I never used it..

On 06 Σεπ 2008, at 6:29 ΜΜ, Eduardo Acosta wrote:

Thanks for your fast reply Marinos,

I have about 5 tracks of stereo wav, and i need to compile into a DVD with
and as you say, position them in the mix before, in 5.1 . Any alternative
for Logic or nuendo?
I dont have much experience in 5.1 sound, sorry for my poor skills.

Thanks  a lot

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