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Re: [microsound] how to create 5.1

If you are using Final Cut Studio to do the video you have all the
tools. Soundtrack Pro allows you to do surround panning and the
separare Compressor (or is it DVD Studio Pro?) application will create
an encoded Dolby Surround 5.1 that works in any DVD-player.

2008/9/6, Eduardo Acosta <eduardoacosta@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Thanks for your fast reply Marinos,
>  I have about 5 tracks of stereo wav, and i need to compile into a DVD with
>  video,
>  and as you say, position them in the mix before, in 5.1 . Any alternative
>  for Logic or nuendo?
>  I dont have much experience in 5.1 sound, sorry for my poor skills.
>  Thanks  a lot

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