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Re: [microsound] performing in "second life"?

i like the futuristic side of the idea as well, but i can't claim i love
it... there is a big part of fritening in it also for me....

when comes to people making a great deal of money, i don't doubt it a second
of my life... where there is money to be maid there is always a few making a
great deal of money...

what i wonder is whether this realy is such a cool idea...

ever since the digital became so big, alot of people reduce life and
existenace to the brain and it's electric pathes...

but life is also chemical, vibrational and a great deal of magic...

what happend to the interest about that? isn't the universe much bigger than
electricity? is there any lightnings in outerspace?

i would not say i'm against it, i'm rather excited about the whole virtual
reality thing... i just think there still is much more to be explored than
electricties endless possibilities...

needed to have it said.

yours truley,

On Sun, Nov 23, 2008 at 3:09 AM, Graham Miller <grahammiller@xxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> the whole concept is sooo futuristic... i love it!
> On 22-Nov-08, at 12:02 PM, John Hudak wrote:
>  hello folks.  a query.  after having heard rolf julius play last evening
>> at
>> roulette in nyc, i got to thinking about what the "experimental intermedia
>> foundation"  must have been like in the 60s and 70s as described in tom
>> johnson's book of writings.  my impression is that it was a place for
>> musicians to experiment with sounds in front of other musicians (as well
>> as
>> other interested parties), and perhaps get feedback on what they were
>> doing.  there are a number of spaces in nyc that this may informally occur
>> at, roulette being one of them; but what would it be like if something
>> like
>> this were to be started in "second life."  while i know almost next to
>> nothing about "second life," i was wondering if there are perhaps some
>> people on the microsound list that have had any experience with this kind
>> of
>> thing, and if people know of some spaces that already exist there that
>> might
>> be interested in microsound-ish sounds.  also, if anyone can recommend a
>> place to start into "second life," that would also be nice.
>> best,
>> john
>> --
>> http://www.johnhudak.net
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