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>> do composers on this list prefer Mac or PC platform? and what new software
>> for that particular platform is worth checking out?
>I'm using a PC.  I've not running Linux so I may not be experiencing the
>true strength of my computer. 


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du != ma! b eczper!ensz!ng dze!r true hue + zaturaz!on

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du = != zrtnl! eczper!ensz!ng dze true strength ov ur m9nd.os

>I'm using a PC.

operat!ng +?

odr __.. konz!der!ng r!zn pc.z = konztruktd
 >I'm using a PC = ma! b aprop

>I've decided to move to Mac because of the
>software that is being and has been written solely for the Mac platform.
>Josh Kay showed me what he was doing with Max (in the month or so that he's
>had it) and it confirmed my desicion to switch in a couple of months.

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auear dze `written solely for the Mac platform kode` 
du = zpeak!ng ov = !n akzual!t!e portd 2 `MAC!.what else etcetera`