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container anxiety

>if you record the audio @ 96kHz then you should come in at around the 50
>minute mark...
>(DVDA players do 96kHz correct ?)

Yes, they do. The Technics sitting here on my desk is a sweet
little box... but I'd have to say that after hundreds of hours
of 96k tracks (if I ever hear Sting again I'll chuck & you were
wonder why AL2 isn't out) that it's just not worth it... yet.
Sure down the hall in the $400 an hour room you can clearly hear
the difference but in my room (only a $200 an hour, sigh...) it
really doesn't make that big of an impact. The real point of DVDA
is that once you start hanging out with multi channel audio (5.1)
stereo no longer cuts it. In fact it sounds really flat and pathetic,
I must have remixed ten or so of my favourite albums to 5.1 by now...
The other down side to 96k/24/5.1 (as of now) is that the editing &
filtering tools available (to me) are not quite happening... yet, and
upsampling is for punks!! (perhaps Tom will whip some of his other
grads into action!)

>also can you point us to a good DVDA for newbies webpage?

I haven't found a good explanation of the DVDA spec on line but our
hardware partner (MEI) has some stuff up at their Technics and
Panasonic sites. check out:




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