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Re: [microsound] shirt trax

i'll definitely have to check out this shirt trax release.. although, i
don't agree with sean on SND. i thought it was one of the best releases of
the year. very refreshing.. i guess i like the structure.. whereas i'm not
terribly fond of takemura because it sounds like a bunch of noodling to

well, i will try to pick up shirt trax today, if i can find it.

>there's also a good deal of
>variety, which few rigorously digital-oriented producers seem to be
>concerned with these days.

this is an interesting point.. which i agree with to a point.. why do you
think that is? maybe producers find their "process". .their method.. their
set of soft/hardware tools.. and once they've found their own way to work
with it, they don't venture must past it... Oval comes to mind,  when i
think of lack of variety. while i like what he does, there's been 4 or 5
albums of it at the point..

just some thoughts...


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