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Re: [microsound] shirt trax

> but also a
>strong sense of motion and development. there's also a good deal of
>variety, which few rigorously digital-oriented producers seem to be
>concerned with these days.

not having heard the Shirt Trax CD I can't comment on that particular piece
but I can say that variety is in the ear of the beholder and the bane of
most stark minimalism...with most of the dsp music that's around today, it
sometimes takes an aural microscope to detect and appreciate the subtle
changes going on under the surface (hence the term microsound)...think of
LaMonte Young's living space where he has dozens of digital sinewave
oscillators on 24/7, or the white (or black) paintings of Ad Reinhardt, or
even the early work of Steve Reich or Philip Glass where the uninitiated
always joked that it was the same riff played over and over for hours on
end...I think the variety should be spread out on a macro level...either
over an artists output on a release basis (lacking this is Oval) or within
the genre (various schools of thought and production)...I'd say that within
the current dsp/microscopic/glitchwerks/ movement there's a great deal of
variety and that is where I tend to look for quenching that thirst...
interesting point and interested to hear others opinions...



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