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Re: [microsound] live evil palindromic echo

> To bring it back on-topic a little, it seems unavoidable that there can
> no longer be any discussions of technique that don't keep coming back to
> tools and interfaces again and again.  Have we become obsessed with our
> tools to the detriment of our aesthetics?  Is music making just
> unthinkable now without reference to the specific tool which will be
> used to carry out the musical ideas?

I guess I don't think laptoppers are at heart any different than all other
musicians on this topic. Ever talk to an acoustic bass player about
strings? or a percussionist about handmade mallets? Or an electric guitar
player about ... ? you get the picture :)

Music making (like other art forms) depends heavily on technical know-how.
I'm not saying we all have to be heavy virtuosos, but we do need to know
our tools. And as far as I can tell, its been this way for a long long
time. Bach wrote a piece for "Well-Tempered Clavier" -- sounds to me like
a guy obsessed with a specific tool :)

my .02

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