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Re: [microsound] palindromic sound

let me see if I understand the concept of 'palindromic echo':

direct sound: [ABCDE] is emitted by object
reflected sound: [EDCBA]
essentially 'reversing' the sound
is this correct?

the idea of palindromic sound should be:

sound: [ABCBA]
reflected sound = direct sound

it is interesting but I don't understand how this should cancel itself if echoed

As well as the referece to its fractal structure: auto-similarity (each part of the sound is similar and proportional to the previous part and to the next part) is very intriguing but I still don't see how this should cancel echoes..

Now I am curious and I'd like to try to build a palindromic and fractal sound...

would a data set like this be both palindromic and fractal?
010 01210 012343210 01234567876543210 012343210 01210 010

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