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Re: [microsound] Using PD for microsound (newbie)

However, the design strategy I've been noticing (thanks Derek, for
such a great lesson in Particle Chamber) from other peoples patches
makes me think that it's better to tackle these different features as
modular entities, and then tie them together after they're debugged.
Otherwise, how are you going to find that blasted error?
...I know this is Pd-centric,...

actually, I don't think this is pd-centric at all - patcher languages borrow the concept from object-oriented programming that code should be modular, and different parts of code should be insulated from each other - especially when dealing with large programs, this is essential for debugging. the modest amount bit of pd-patching i've done over the last few months since i've been using it i found i've employed a lot of my (very, very) basic C++ skills, in terms of making lots of abstractions and tools that do a specific but minor job, then cobbling them together in various ways to make larger patches, then putting 3 or 4 patches together to make a performance environment, for a specific performance.

I'm not sure how you improvise, but I know that you have to prepare for a performance somehow, and that involves refining your tools, yes, but also limiting them -- a percussionist, for example, can't just bring along every little rattle and drum he's got in his collection because he thinks he might want to use it - he selects a few that will determine his sound-palette for the evening, then explores the possibilities they offer. Any instrumentalist is confined to some extent by the natural limitations of their instrument - even pushing the boundaries is only possible because there's a boundary there to begin with. Yet computer musicians, it seems to me, find themselves with their boundary-pushing instincts in an empty space where the only boundaries are mental (how skilled/imaginative you are, etc). It's really an old problem, I think - not overeating when the buffet looks so good...


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